Sarmad Khosat wins an international award for “Zindagi Tamasha”

In South Korea Sarmad Khost’s film “Zindagi Tamasha” won the award at the Busan International Film Festival.
The award is given not only to Pakistani film but also to Indian director Pradeep Karbah’s film “Market”.
The award was introduced after the festival’s co-founder and executive programmer Kim G Sweek passed way in 2017.

Watch trailer of Zindagi Tamasha.

This award is awarded annually to the best film in Asia
According to the actor Arif Hassan, who plays the main character in the film, the story revolves around a “naat khwan” which makes a mistake. Later, his mistake is exaggerated so that his life becomes a spectacle.

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Apart from Arif Hassan, actresses Samiya Mumtaz, model Iman Suleiman and Ali Qureshi will also be seen in this film.
According to Arif Hassan, around 93 films were sent to the Busan Film Festival, of which 8 became part of the festival which also included the “Zindagi Tamasha”, after which his film won the award.

The film is set to release in January 2020 next year.

Sarmad Khosat talks behind the scenes and tells how he selected the characters and story, the story basically is the origin of a YouTube video.
He shared about the expenses on films and how he managed it by selling his plot and then shoots this film. Sarmad requested to watch this film so he makes more films and the Pakistani Film Industry also grow up.
Sarmad also directed “Manto” before “Zindagi Tamasha”.
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