Video Production

Cinemato Production is a video production that delivers at physical location for works in the kingdom of the performing arts.
We have expertise in videos and filming art such as new media art, film, dramas, comics, documentary, interactive arts, video games, commercials, corporate video making.
We are Karachi based video production company and we work all around Pakistan. We are a profound video production company that produces educational, promotional, informational, and entertainment videos.
We also produce outsource video content. Cinemato Production transforms your imagination into reality.
The phases Cinemato Production covers in the development of video paradigm are:


Development of a project includes Scripts, outline and story outline


Pre-production covers all of the planning parts of the video production process before a project begins
We also manage shoot location and video cast.


It is a key to keep planning ahead of the daily shoot. Our main goal is to stick to the project time line and the budget. We also have strong connection in arranging locations, set, office and the stakeholder of a project.


Post production starts when all the production is wrapped up and cutting, clearing and editing starts. The main theme of this phase includes work related to Visual Effects (VFX), Music and Sound Design.


When the Project is completed all the above phases are ready to distribute. The producer and the investor are ready to deal their project with the distributors.

Cinemato Production always willing to work for the organizations that require any kind of video production or promotional content for their projects.

You can always reach us at or 923422887735 for all types of queries.