How to become a model in Pakistan

How to become a model in Pakistan? is the question that we receive almost every day at Cinemato Production. Becoming a model in Pakistan is simple but it needs a lot of effort, struggle, consistency, talent and right Platform.
“I Kamran Rao, the CEO of “Cinemato Production”, sharing some steps to become a model in Pakistan.

Why you want to be a model?

Becoming a model is easy but becoming a professional model is a little tough. It requires effort and depends when you get scouted. “The simplest point is you must have all the necessary stuff that is needed to be a model”.
You are beautiful and you must get noticed”. Remember in modeling your physical appearance and face value matters a lot.

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How To Become a Model in Pakistan

Following are key points to become a successful model in Pakistan.
1. Modeling Agency
Choose a legitimate modeling Agency to start your career

2. Height
In Pakistan the standard height of a female model is considered to be 5’6 to 6 feet.
Famous Models Ayyan Ali’s height is 5’7 and Iman Ali’s height is 5’67.
For Male Models, the required height is 5’10 to 6 feet and 2 inches.
Famous Model Adnan Siddiqui’s height is 5’9 and Imran Abbas’s height is 6 feet.

3. Age
If your age is 17-18 it is the best time to start your modeling career. 16+ considered to be the best age to pursue your modeling career in Pakistan. At the young age it will be easy to shape up your body. However you can start at any age because there is diversity in modeling.

4. Figure and Physique
A perfect model should not be over and underweight. Perfect body in perfect shapes required in modeling.

5. Portfolio
To showcase yourself as model an appealing portfolio is necessary.

Evaluate yourself as a model.

Models must have the qualities to uplift brands, so before diving in this field every male and female should ask for the honest opinion from experts.
You can ask how to become a model in Pakistan? to our experts because our experts are specialized in multiple areas in choosing a model like fashion modeling, commercial models, showroom, Glamour, Runway and fit models.
We believe there are multiple opportunities for fresh male and females who wish to pursue modeling career. Looks are important but not as much as you think indeed diversity needed. Experts choose the models that have variety in their looks, hair, eyes, and physiques. On other side crowd also want to see the variety of style and figures.

Portfolio effects

Portfolio makes a difference when you present yourself as a model. But before choosing a photographer find out your best poses, styles and attitude. Keep your selfie and photos in your phone so the photographer understands your best poses and build a perfect modeling portfolio. We recommend do not spend large amount of money on initial photo-shoot. Keep your portfolio simple and natural. Share your portfolio on social media like Instagram and Facebook.
Remember a portfolio is the show case of your work that you can perfectly make for any one.
“You May choose Cinemato Production for Portfolio, we have stylists, makeup artists and Photographers.”

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Market your Self and get modeling jobs.

As Previously I told you to share your portfolio on social Media and with different modeling agencies to get signed for modeling jobs. You may also perform some volunteer work to grow yourself and grow your networking, Perform in fashion weeks, walk ramps. It will grow your chances to get signed and you will definitely improve yourself professionally. I’ve seen many people who are continuously looking for modeling jobs; I suggest you must create opportunities for yourself to get these modeling opportunities.

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I always force my students to learn and listen about your profession because initially when you are starting your career you are not aware of showbiz industry their pros and cons. Do the daily routines go to gym, stay fit and in shape, be professional, polite, and creative. Stay away from negativity and don’t allow anyone to exploit your dream.
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