How to become Actor in Pakistani Drama Film

How to Become Actor in Pakistani Drama and Film? this is a Big Question. When we Started our Production Company “Kawish Production” now name as “Cinemato Production” we start continuously receiving Phone Calls, SMS, emails from interested Pakistani Young boys, and girls who want to Join Media, Showbiz, Drama and Film Industry.

We are explaining the steps to start your Acting journey. In my opinion Acting is the Hardest work to do and Hardest Goal to achieve. I’m Kamran Rao Founder and CEO of Cinemato Production.

There are only a few proper institutions to Guide new actors and Actress, who want to work in showbiz, Film, Drama. But there are some easy steps that every Pakistani Boy or Girl can take steps to work in Media.

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But before starting all these we want to tell you

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First Step to Join Film Industry or Drama.

Get your Parent’s permission. Few Parents are not interested in their children that they join Media and Showbiz, Drama and Film industry is same for Boys and Girls. There are many acting and modeling agencies that are not properly working and Everybody knows there is “something wrong” So get your parents or Guardian permission first and ask for support. Don’t go everywhere and start applying to find a reputable institute like us.

How to become an Actor

Second Step to Join Showbiz:

Find newspaper, Internet, Classified ads, and search for a media production or casting call announcement. Find in your city or travel to another big city to get a chance. Over here I will suggest Karachi is the only city in Pakistan that has 95% of the media industry alone. 95% Dramas and film shoot in Karachi. It is better to move to Karachi if you want to work professionally. Cinemato Production is the leading casting and production house in Karachi that is offering an acting course and casting in dramas and films.

Third Step Keep some money with you. “Buy a Chance”

Acting is not all about money but you must have a handsome amount in your pocket, if you are poor you have a 0% chance to be hired because you have to do expense on everything buying clothes, shoes, etc. Earn or save some money to “Buy a Chance”. There are many Boys and girls, uncle and Aunties Who want to work in Showbiz, Drama, Film and want to Earn Money, but first start with spending money. Start learning and start spending on your self make your profile strong and acceptable as an actor.

If you are interested you may join us but read the complete article and follow our details here
How to Join Cinemato Production and Showbiz

All Hollywood, Bollywood stars, Film Hero’s were very poor and in a critical situation, this period is Called “Struggling time”. Sometimes you were rejected by the Casting director, other times you were cheated from a fake video production company.

Step four: Keep your Energy Boosted, Never Give up.

Due to very limited Production Houses, Film, and Drama Studios there are very few chances to get a reasonable space. there are many hurdles and difficulties. So never give up, try again and again, if you were failed to get a chance from one company try another one.

Step five. Do some practice at Home.

It is very important to do some acting practice at home, so your family also aware of your interest and will help you out in this regard. watch videos to learn acting, dance, action.

Step six: Use Social Media:

this is a social media era, also it’s very easy to make an account on social media and start doing whatever you want. show your talent to the social media audience. there are chances someone sees your talent and gives you a chance.

Step seven.

Make your own Video production company – last suggestion.

Start producing your own content. Become producer and actor of your film, drama and we will help you in earning and distribution.

How to apply ?

So you are fully aware now? hmm, that sounds interesting, proceed further, and apply for your registration with Cinemato Production / Cinemato Production.
I hope after reading all these steps now you got the idea how to become actor in Pakistani drama and film.

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