Leonardo da Vinci biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio will be always remembered to his blockbuster and still top favorite Film Titanic along with romance and biopics.  Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous Hollywood Actor who has a great fans across the globe.

In his upcoming movie Leonardo DiCaprio will be portraying famous artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci in an upcoming biopic that is being setup at Paramount. Paramount won a seven figure bidding war over Universal for the rights to author Walter Issacsons upcomming book on da Vincei which the film will be based on.


DiCaprio will also be producing the project under his Appian Way banner alongside Jenneifer Aavisson. Issacson has previously penned books based on Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, Steve Jobs and Bejamin Franklin. His work on Jobs was turned into a 2015 film starring Michael Fassbender and recently Nation Geographic adapted his book on Einstein for the series Genius. The authors da Vinci book will be realeased on October 17. DiCaprio is said to have been named after da Vinci by his mother.