Acting Course and Classes

Cinemato Production is conducting practical acting course in Karachi and Islamabad and also available online.
For Registration Contact 923422887735
Cinemato Production is offering step by step acting course to freshers who are willing to join showbiz Pakistan.
In Cinemato Prduction acting course and acting classes you will also gets opportunities to perform in dramas and films.
In this acting course you will learn
1-Introduction to Acting (Why it is important to learn Acting Tools)
2-How to use facial features and expressions (Actors Instruments)
3-Breaking down the script
(How to break down the story into its simplest beats, discover the moral of the story, and find the thing in the story that everyone is trying to do.)
4-Film / Drama Scenes Analysis (Actor scenes in films)
5-Voice and breathing techniques
6-Speech and Diction
7-Body Language

Watch Our Acting Students Performing During Acting Classes


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8-Characterization (Developing your character, finding your character, real character)
9- Emotions (Emotions)
10-Imagination, Observation & Improvisation
11-Focusing points / Working on Camera
(face the camera, Don’t look down) (Charge up… How do you motivate yourself to get excited about a scene? How do you let loose and be wonderful?)
12-Preparing for Audition, how to give audition (Drama, Film and commercial audition)
13-Preparing a Monologues (Importance and making)
14-Memorization (Exercises)
15-Looks (Matter or not)
16-Working on Set (Collaboration, Maintain energy, long hour shoots)
17-Working with Directors
18-Playing a real characters
19-Rehearsal and preparations
20-Conclusion (How to apply, how to get chances)
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