How to Become a Film Maker in Pakistan

How to become a Director / Film Maker in Pakistan
The Pakistani film industry thinks that the film deserves to be called a hit only if it has a star cast, they have an expensive camera in its shooting and in which songs have been filmed on expensive sets in the name of adding production value.

Without planning, paperwork and storyboards go to the shoot; The Film can be shot in thirty days. They make it in 60 days and then they make a fuss that our film is so expensive. I don’t think so; I believe that there is not a single one of the big stars of the TV industry on his name the common man turns to the cinema. You can take these TV stars and show them in your film if there appearance is unique, but if the industry is to survive, it has to launch new actors and give a big break to the old underrated actors.

Cinemato Production has made two films once Upon a Time in Karachi and Sheenogai this year. When the cinemas open, you will be able to watch these films one after the other. But my greatest achievement is that I have succeeded in building a network of my friends who are willing to work madly to revive the cinema industry without any greed.

how to become a film maker

Next year we are going to make five films. The details of these five films will be shared later who is writing and directing them. Today, I would like to say to everyone who wishes to be a filmmaker or aspirant to make a film in Pakistan that making a film in Pakistan is not a bargain but there is no harm in it if you have a good story and characters instead of expensive cast and big sets. Match the casting accordingly. If you have a story and you want to make a movie, the doors of my office are always open for you. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! You need technical staff for pre-production, you need camera ENG for shooting, or you need an editor, cluster or sound designer for post-production, all at extremely affordable prices in my and my friends’ studios. Let the public decide if they want to see a bunch of stars, Bollywood spice with a stolen story or they want to see a good script. The Pakistani public is wise. They want good content now. They knows good content, they knows how to appraise a good movie. The year 2021 will prove my point.

You want to make a good film on a low budget, from the making of the film to its release; my team and I are here for you. You take the whole ENG including camera, grips lights from me, pay less and for the release of the film, you edit / grade the film in my office from the edit and color grade experience team, pay later, you pay for the film Create full background score, ADR, Foley, sound design, me and my few crazy friends like me are going to set up a parallel cinema in Pakistan, if you are crazy like us then send me your profile / queries Drop on my WhatsApp number 03422887735.

Courtesy(Ali Sajjad)