TikTokers may Earn Money with YouTube app Shorts

YouTube shorts: YouTube’s plans to compete with TikTok. TikTok was the most downloaded app in the year 2019. YouTube is making an app “Shorts” that is almost completed. The app is almost ready to launched by YouTube but yet there is no date confirmed due to pandemic. With “Shorts” people make short videos on different tracks and on dialogue just like TikTokers.

Shorts available in both types of operating systems Android and IOS. People who make videos on TikTok but don’t earn money as there is no monetization on TikTok but through shorts they can earn from this app. In TikTok, entertainers entertain but they don’t get money due to TikTok policies. Shorts are expected to work like YouTube. TikTok was launched in 2016 by china by Douyin and later miscally also merges with TikTok, so there were no big competetitor left. After merging with musically it became the most popular Chinese app all over the world.
ByteDance, spent up to $1 billion to purchase musically due to which musically ended and TikTok being a worldwide app.

Youtube shorts

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TikTok allows people to make a video of themselves by using multiple effects, features which include music playing in the background but in this app, there is one fault the user make just 15-sec video. Timing is not extended from 15 sec which is not good for entertainer because it is a talent platform but how everyone shows their talent in just 15 sec. However TikTok allows to make a video bigger then 15 seconds and upload.

Shorts has features to extend the music and video recording timing. In the United States, 52% of iPhone users are TikTokers. Youtube’s Shorts want to grab that big market from TikTok. On other side TikTok is a Chinese app and Shorts belong to US so google and YouTube looking to get its community back. YouTube’s Shorts introducing extra features as compare to TikTok and every one wants to make money through its creativity so it would be a big dent on TikTok. YouTube no doubt is a big platform for making money.

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YouTube is launching the shorts so possible it had great features as compare to TikTok and it had chances to become a most popular app in the world of entertainment for the entertainer. TikTokers hopefully earn money through Shorts.