How to make a short film

For All young and nurturing individuals who wish to be an actor or film maker and looking for some one to make a short film for them, Cinemato Production is offering an attractive package to make a short film for you.
Cinemato Production is helping media students who are searching and looking to shoot their short films projects. We are also offering to make short stories across the Pakistani and Indian Universities for their final proposals and projects.

Many media science students is researching on their projects to make a short films, but finding the best guide or partner who can help in all steps of production is not an easy task.
That’s why Cinemato production decided to help you in Pre-production, Production and Post Production. we will also help you in finding the perfect concept that is not available on the internet.
A unique concept for your short film project will be share with you and we will complete the project together.

how to make a short film

We will help you in completing all the task like in Pr-production unique screen play writing, casting, finding the locations for shoots, completing the props. During Production we will help you with technical staff, Crew Members, Arranging the Equipment and finalize the executions. Lastly we will together finalize the editing, color grade, back ground score and Music.
At the end you have a complete project in your hand without any delay and extra time.
Remember Cinemato Productions is a gateway to Showbiz Pakistan. Let’s connect on Whats App 923422887735 to work together on short film Project.

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