How to give an audition in Pakistan

How to give an audition in Pakistan. giving audition for Pakistani dramas and films is never been an easy task. we have made this video to share the idea how to give an audition and steps of giving a good audition. there are 7 steps of giving an audition

1- Memorizing dialogues
2- Be original who you are don’t be artificial
3- Don’t Panic Stay Focused
4- Be friendly and frank
5- Expect Nothing
6- Be Confident
7- Smile and Breathing

Focus on these 7 steps of Acting Audition and get selected for dramas and films.

Watch the video for more…

When we call up for auditions a large number of girls and boys visited for audition in Cinemato Production.
But the issue is most of them don’t know how to read the script and how to give audition.
Giving audition is an art you must know the character you are performing for and what character a director is looking for?
You must understand the situation be confident and perform like a pro.