Cinemato Talent & Production Acting Classes Introduction

Cinemato Talent & Production was established in 2017 by Kamran Rao Who Himself Is an I.T professional but his Passion with acting never fades, So he started Cinemato for those who wants to learn Acting and also to learn the craft using modern techniques and methods. CINEMATO is the only institute in Karachi, who has the policy of learning by doing.

Over the years the Cinemato talent has built an outstanding reputation and is considered the most preferred Acting school for aspiring actors in Karachi and across the Pakistan.

At Cinemato Production students are encouraged and immersed in a world of creativity. The curriculum provides effective tools and techniques that enables him or her to grow in the craft. They are taught to deliver performances realistically using their vast imagination.
They also learn to express themselves in a convincing manner using a variety of impactful and powerful emotions Through a perfect blend of theory, practicals and exercises.
The institute also invites professionals from the media and entertainment industry to interact with our students.

Our centers are in Karachi & Rawalpindi only We are also offering online classes.


“So Want to know how things go in other’s life,Try Acting”

“And Trust Us On That” The learning and techniques you will gain from our course will last a lifetime

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