How to become an actor

We are sharing the secret and the essential points of how to become an actor in Pakistani films and drama industry.
What are the assets and qualities do you need to possess to be a lollywood start or a Pakistani TV Actor or to be a part of Pakistani cinema…
Below are some important tips and tricks to join the cinema industry in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Gujranwala and all other cities of Pakistan.
Follow this step by step guide to pursue your dream of acting in Pakistani Cinema and drama Industry.
Note down it’s not a piece of cake it is a little long journey with consistent efforts by improving your acting skills day by day, Consistently Promote yourself as an actor, host, and media person, Groom your self personally and professionally.
You need to be efficient, productive, committed to your acting you have to be diligent and industrious then you must be a well-known actor or actress.
What qualities you should have to become an actor quickly.
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How to become an actor

Key Points of how to become an actor


The First main point to become an actor in Pakistani Film industry or drama is look. Your Look really helps but if you are not so handsome you can groom yourself and you can really make an acceptable look for this industry. On another side, It does not only mean that it’s all your personality it’s your attitude your way of speaking your style and your expressions.

Figure and physique

To stand in Pakistani dramas and in the cinema a good physique is highly recommended you may need a long tall and attracting body.

Humble and Politeness

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As an actor, You have to tolerate others stupidity as well. Developed patience and its really lift you at a big place.

The ability to speak or singing

You should be clear and confident when you speak it’s highly recommended. A guy who wishes to be an actor in Pakistan He / She Must speak URDU, with Urdu, English can also help you and some other regional language added more benefit.

Memorizing ability

With speaking ability it is also required you can read and remember the dialogues. It is also recommended that you can practice these things or join some social media buddies that are making short films they can really help you in this case.Fawad-Khan-Movie-Moula-Jutt2


This is another big factor to be an actor you need to be educated at least intermediate education is necessary so you can understand the situation and things easily.

Performing ability

This is the core of acting you can’t be shy always ready to perform and everywhere ready to perform make some dialogue perform in front of your family and friends post it on social media ask for the opinion and improve it every day. You can contact to “Kawish Production” to buy some learning courses that really help or join the YouTube channel and also like the facebook page.
Strong networking approach
Don’t miss any opportunity to building up media industry contacts and you may contact them personally or through social media or any source.


Film industry demands a high patience people especially struggler have to be patience at every cost or it may ruin your whole career and dreams.

Some related strong points of how to be an actor
The struggling actors or actress must have some source on income because without income you can’t survive in this industry as the trend in cinema industry has completely changed you may need some basic training some portfolios and some registration process with casting agencies and casting directors. You should bold and emotionally strong as some casting agencies reject you but you shouldn’t lose hope, get rid of these tensions and stress full time.

Some key points you must adapt to become an actor.
Practices make man perfect do the practice every day and try to learn some professional acting choose a production house or any casting agency that is offering this facility. Exercise is the necessary part join the gym and make your body Hot and acceptable for all the directors. You should be mentally strong and clear in your thoughts and ideas. A portfolio is needed everywhere in casting agencies get a professional photo shoot.
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But remember to continue your work and your job because everybody can’t be an actor so try hard and be the best.
Good Luck…