Can anyone be an actor

Can anyone be an actor?
This is the question that everyone is asking us on YouTube, sending us emails and messages on Facebook that Sir can anyone be an actor? Sir can I become an actor?
Sir I don’t have good body I don’t have a hero look etc. We have decided to answer this question; well the answer is very simple but before answering you.

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Well the answer is very simple if you just go through the history you will find the legends like Sultan Rahi, Rangeela and nanha they were the heroes of their times and in present you will see the priyanka chopra, Nawaz uddin siddique. If you think about the looks and face and skin color then you might not see these guys on screen.

I’m Kamran Rao CEO Kawish Production well hope you will get the answer. You should become an actor but you must have talent, acting skills and learning abilities. You must watch these videos and send us your details.

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Most of the talent when visits Kawish Production they have very low confidence and they have no idea how to use their vocal cords, facial expressions and body language according to the script requirements.
Talent must remember one thing when you are visiting any production house at the same time you must ready to perform and show off your talent,

Directors won’t give you second chance so be ready and clear in your thoughts. We are sharing a video here in this video you’ll see it’s not easy to perform in front of camera and lights. Even a single line cannot be delivered as per directors and script requirements.
We request you to decide it first whether you want to be an actor, host or model?
If yes then contact us and register yourself

P.S: Kawish production has a large number of short videos projects in their pipelines and we are looking for talent but its never easy to work with new and inexperience guys so we have decided to run some classes and arrange some acting workshops and offer chance to new guys don’t forget to register.