Stunning trailer of Pakistani film “Lal Kabootar” released

Laal Kabootar is a film that has a strong story and screen play with befitted characters in it.
In the start of trailer Ahmed Ali Akber playing the role of a taxi driver said “Dreams can never come true “it’s just stupidity.
Trailer showed us Ahmed has a dream to move to Dubai from Karachi then we see Mansha Pasha and Aliya Malik two different character. Ahmed made a deal but he is failing in fulfilling it.
The Harvard University graduates Kamil and Hania are the producer of Laal Kabootar.

The story and dialogues are interestingly different and catchy you’ve never heard in Pakistani cinemas before.

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However this is a short trailer and you might not get much from it. We are hoping this will create a bright impact on Pakistani Cinema and the audience will also respond positively.
Lall Kabootar will be screened in cinemas on 22nd March 2019.
Watch Laal Kabootar trailer

It is Karachi based crime stuff has everything in it to impress the audience.
Film Laal Kabootar revolves around Greed, Power, and Money.
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