Sabaat – Episode 6 Hum Tv Drama Review

Mawra Hocane once said that “Sabaat” will be her career-best performance – and so far, she’s absolutely right. Mawra Hocane is pleasant on the eyes in her role as Anaya and is giving a natural, likable performance. In episode 5, we see that Hassan (Ameer Gilani) and Anaya are growing more friendly and Hassan has decided he wants to marry Anaya. After a series of sweet, realistic scenes, Hassan proposes to Anaya. It’s already clear that this choice will be a battle for Hassan, as his family (besides his mother) is staunchly against his choice.

Hum Tv Drama Serial Sabaat is getting the highest rating

Sarah Khan’s Miral revealed some more layers this week and the biggest takeaway was that Miral is full of anger only for those close to her, but does not know how to take charge outside of her home space. In the professional world, Miral did not know how to handle herself in front of Yasir after losing the case. While Miral is being haunted by memories of her grandmother and is disheartened with her fiancé, something more substantial needs to come off the Miral character other than her obsessing over Hassan’s love life. Sarah Khan is a great performer though, no doubt.

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Sabaat is a beautiful show so far and while it’s a bit “slow” at times, I also like how the show is taking time to establish relationships and roles. There are moments that are jarring with the direction and editing, for example, the exam scene where the stage goes completely silent – if there was ever a need for music, it was there. Otherwise, “Sabaat” is a show I’d recommend at this stage. It remains to be seen how it will play out from here on out.

Iqra Aziz’s “Jhooti” also airs on Saturday nights, but I have been unable to review it since falling two episodes behind (but will play catch up soon enough). All-in-all, these three shows are performing very well and keeping the interest of viewers so far. Let’s hope they continue on this path.
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