Khaani Drama Mistakes – Har Pal Geo

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In khaani drama serial her pal geo there are several direction mistakes we are sharing some mistakes here 1- First of all in khaani drama the sanam khan and sarim family is a middle class family but there home is well furnished and even has a big lawn on one side in khaani drama the mother of khaani is worried about extra expensive when there family is organizing a birthday but there home is expensive and the cost of home would be Pkr 40 to 50 Million.

2- When hadi is shooting the sarim during that scene sarim is busy with his mobile he is continuously trying to picking his phone from his pocket on other side meer hadi has showed up the gun and shoot him what a blunder?

3- Well later in Khanni episode 2 after sarim’s death ceremony everybody has gone leaving sarim’s father alone on his grave. What kind of relatives they had that left sarim’s father on his grave and even Meer shah came there to meet his father alone this is another stupid mistakes we’ve seen in Khaani Drama serial.

4- In Khaani episode 5 when khaani reached his brother’s grave meer hadi is tracing her and in the whole grave yard there are only two people sanam khan and Meer hadi and even when sanam khan is going back meer hadi step aside but khaani can’t see her how is it possible.

These are some silly mistakes we have seen in this drama We will share more mistakes on khaani drama in our second video keep watching Kawish Production and subscribe our channel.