How to give An Audition for Acting

If you are going to Give an Audition for Acting or Modeling, here are some tips to do before you reach the venue. Cinemato Production is a Video Production Company and we regularly cast new talent for on going video projects.

Many young boys and girls are interested to join media and showbiz industry but they didn’t know, how and where to start this journey. sadly there is no institution to give a proper guideline. There colleges and Universities in all major cities in Pakistan for empowering the youth with education in every field.

But there is not a single institution to empower Showbiz or Entertainment Industry. Music, Dance, Acting and Modeling are the basics of this industry but sadly there is no proper institution.

We at Cinemato Production cast new talent, and teach them how to act on Camera, How to Speak, how to Dialogue. Cinemato Production also run regular classes on Post Production.

In the video below you can see the new talent audition tape. if you are interested to Join Showbiz or acting field, send your detail (images) to