“GOLDEN TICKET” by Saira Mansoor a Pakistani short film Nominated for Asia Peace Film Festival and Selected For Cefalu Film Festival

Pakistani Short film maker Saira Mansoor achieves a big milestone as her film “GOLDEN TICKET” nominated for Asia Peace Film Festival and also selected for Cefalu Film Festival.

Golden Ticket is Written by Saira Mansoor and she has also Directed this movie. The “Golden ticket” is completely shoot in Italy the film was premiered on 25th February at the Asia Peace Film Festival. Well now the good news is it’s going to screened at the Cefalu Film Festival in May 2018.
Golden-Ticket short film
The Director represent the power of belief and enlighten the faith can change you, build you and allow you to stay strong and make your dreams come true. So having “faith” opening a lot of opportunities for you everywhere in the world.

It is a movie that hold the circumstances of our routine life but holding the believe factor strongly. In “Golden Ticket” you can watch how strong believes can turn you rude life in a motivational life and how you succeed and defeat your fear. How you can know the God and how you can understand his presence? God is the one who didn’t differentiate you in categories like Rich and Poor, Black or White Everyone is equal for him.
golden ticket shoot
The Director shares their feelings with us.

I’m speechless and feeling humbled and happy this is my first project and it got nomination for Cefalu Film Festival in Italy. I feel so much motivated as a director and writer after this nomination “Saira”.

Every year a lot of films submitted at the Asia Peace Film Festival and in 2018 it is recorded that more than 900 films were submitted, among 900 only 70 were selected to be screened.

The idea behind this festival is to promote the young talent and provide healthy activities so that the World stays a safe and good place.

The Asia Peace Film Festival is the Platform that encourages filmmakers around the world to submit their work. In 2018, 50 countries participated and the participation is rapidly growing. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, India, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Afghanistan, Philippines and Taiwan are the big names that participated. Delegates from Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain and Bosnia were also a part of the festival.