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Do you want to become Actor / Actress? you need to learn acting first. There is no such thing as young boys and girls said, we are a born actor, No, there is no such thing Human needs to Practice, Learning the creative art of “Acting”. Acting is just like any other creative art, you should learn how to speak, how to face camera, how to breathe, how to move and dance. Cinemato Production Acting Course helps you to become actor / actress.

Most of the legendary actors said that no one knows the perfect acting, every one trying and giving its best. Learning Acting is a continuous process in actors life. At Cinemato Production we prepares actors and make them able to perform in front of any audience. We Build confidence in every student, give them wings and let them to fly in showbiz. Cinemato Production also offers working in dramas, films and commercials during the course. Most of our students are already worked in top Channels Dramas. Join Us and Become a future Actor / Actress.

This is a short four month acting course, mainly aiming to:

Acting Courses

SYLLABUS- Acting and Performance

Opening up exercise
Exercise for relaxation & concentration
Body language
Use of body postures and face expression exercise
Expressive use of movement
Speech (variation & modulation )
The method of physical action)

Observation- Concentration- Imagination & Improvisation Exercise

Scene study & Work on role (Building a character & character study)
Releasing potential

We’ve added more features in our course

Acting-Course Outline

Course Fee and Duration.

Total Fees in Advance: 20,000.

Monthly Fees 7000 for next 3 months…

Four Month course.

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