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We are proudly announce the that this is a First Acting Course which is available online. Similar to every other craft, profession, Acting is also a subject which can be learn and taught. At Kawish Production we continuously conduct Acting, Modeling Auditions for Drama, Short Film, Feature Film, Music video and Commercials.

In response to our Acting Modeling Casting calls there are hundred less thousands interested young Pakistani Talent who want to become Actors, Actress, Model. They want to Join Film Industry, Showbiz Industry and Pakistani Drama industry.

If you want to become actor in Pakistan, Kawish Production is the First step to your destination. We Cast new talent and Groom them as Actors. But at Kawish Production Studio Based in Karachi, We found and realize the need of an Acting Course for all new comers.

Young interested talent is very passionate about Acting and they want to become actor, but the question is, “How can anyone become actor ? without a proper training” can we drive a car without taking a proper driving training ? NO? then perhaps, you need to do some basic acting classes before going to audition.

Is there any need to learn Acting ?

Acting is a proper subject and every well know actors are alumni of any Acting School. In Pakistan also there are some respectable name who are running Acting schools.


Online Acting Course Outline.

  • Acting
  • Script Writing
  • Where to Start Acting Career
  • Planing, Family Permission, Basic Learning, Auditions

How to Buy Acting Course (Procedure)

To buy our Online Acting Video Course, you have to deposit the course fees through easypisa or bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions.

  • We here by declare that this course is extensively designed by Kawish Production Team. The main purpose of this course is to educate new talent about Acting, Video Production.
  • There are many videos taken by Online Recourses (Youtube, Websites) which are sole property to their respective owners.
  • We will not refund Course Fee after purchase.
  • This course is not linked with Registration at Kawish Production.