5 Tips to Live Happy Life Abdul Majid

How to live a happy life? This is a big question, every human has its own problems, issues, circumstances and obstacle in life.

Abdul Majid Founder of Kawish Production explain Five tips to Live a Very Happy life and release Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Being a Muslim we believe on Allah. The Creator of All happiness and sorrows.

If you want to live a happy life, practice these five tips in your life. My First tip is “Pray more” prayer in every religion make human spirit in peace, gives you very pleasant feelings.

Forgot your past, Forgive your fellows, Do social work, watch movies and Funny Videos.

How to Live a Happy Life
How to Live a Happy Life

Focus and think about your Future, work hard for a better and brighter future. Share our knowledge to others, Give charity to poor people.


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